Clinical Skills Centre

The GEM Clinical Skills Suite provides a venue for learning and practising those skills and procedures that involve direct patient contact. It contains a range of facilities including video links, demonstration videos, and models. In addition to timetabled sessions, you can use the Clinical Skills Centre for self-directed learning. Specific times are allocated for this purpose (labelled ‘drop in sessions’) and these are published on the timetable on the notice board outside the Clinical Skills Centre on a regular basis.

The following regulations apply to the use of the Clinical Skills Suite:

1. All students must wear an ID badge on entering the Clinical Skills Suite and must sign the register on entry to the centre.

2. No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in the Clinical Skills Suite.

3. The Clinical Skills Suite is only available for student-directed learning when a technician or appropriate member of academic staff is in attendance.

4. No invasive procedures should be performed without a registered clinical practitioner in attendance.

5. Equipment should only be used with adequate prior instruction.

6. Students must inform the Clinical Skills Suite technician of any faults/problems with the equipment.

7. No equipment is to be removed from the Clinical Skills Suite or put to inappropriate use.
In case of any problem or query about the use of the unit, contact the Clinical Skills Technician.

Learning clinical skills takes time and practise. You will be given an introduction to basic interviewing, examination skills and procedures and following this, there will be the opportunity to practise. It is very important that you come to these sessions prepared to participate, both in terms of performing examination and being examined. This will form the foundation for further learning during the full-time clinical practice course. The aim in the first eighteen months is to learn the basic skills well. You will also learn how to integrate your communication skills with all the other skills you learn in the centre.

You should bring appropriate clothing (e.g. shorts and tee-shirts) and change into them before the session. Whilst we will respect any cultural or religious reasons that prevent full participation, we do encourage everyone to co-operate as much as possible. Optional provision will be made for students who wish to practise in segregated single sex groups.