Summative Skills Certification - Years 1 and 2

a) At regular intervals, GEM students will have the opportunity to be assessed on the performance of required clinical skills.

b) Each student will be assessed on a limited number of skills – usually those taught and practised by that stage of the course.

c) Details of all the required skills will be made available to students on the GEM website. Specific criteria against which students will be assessed will be provided in the skills instruction sessions. It is each student's responsibility to familiarise themselves with this information.

d) After the assessment, students will be given feedback on their performance. When a student achieves the Required Level of Competence for a skill, this will be recorded by the Assessor. A copy of the checklist will be provided for the student later.

e) You will receive a copy of the completed checklist, plus any qualitative feedback following the assessment, and this must be kept in your portfolio.

f) You will also be certified as competent in certain skills (eg: pulse rate, peak flow etc) during some sessions. At the end of the session you will be provided with a certificate of competence signed by your assessor. This certificate should be kept in your portfolio for submission at the end of the year.