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University of Nottingham researchers who have produced research data associated with an existing or forthcoming publication, or which has potential use for other researchers, are invited to upload their dataset. For each published dataset, a Datacite DOI is issued by this service. For detailed instructions as to how to make a deposit, please see our Data Sharing Guide

  • Simulations of gravitational collapse of quantum fields 

    Saffin, Paul; Shuang-Yong, Zhou; Berczi, Benjamin (The University of Nottingham, 2023-09-28)
    These are the first numerical simulations of semiclassical collapse of a massless scalar field in four dimensions in spherical symmetry. The codes are written in C. The core idea in the construction of these simulations ...
  • Speechless opera by Cat Hope 

    Moroz, Solomiya; Vear, Craig (University of Nottingham, 2023-09-27)
    Speechless is a wordless, animated notation opera intended as a personal response to the experiences of refugees around the world. The opera premiered at the Perth Festival in 2019 and the performance at the Ligeti Festival ...
  • Fold by Ted Moore, digiscore and browser festival commission 

    Moroz, Solomiya; Vear, Craig (University of Nottingham, 2023-09-27)
    Fold by Ted Moore reflects the theme of “location sharing” by using audio feedback to “sound out” the resonant frequencies of the locations of the remote collaborators like Curt Miller in Rhode Island, US and Jana de Troyer ...
  • The art of belonging 

    McIntyre, Joanna (The University of Nottingham, 2023-09-26)
    Recent unprecedented movement of migrants across Europe means that municipal leaders need to support young, often unaccompanied, involuntary migrants to adapt to their new cities. Young migrants find pathways to integration ...
  • Raw data for "High pressure behaviour of the magnetic van der Waals molecular framework Ni(NCS)2" 

    Cliffe, Matthew J. (The University of Nottingham, 2023-09-26)
    Raw data include high pressure X-ray and neutron diffraction data; high pressure magnetic measurements.

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