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Railways also fall into this category, prime examples being the mountain railways of India, first designated in 1999 and by extension again in 2005. The ‘site’ includes the famous Darjeeling mountain railway and now incorporates the Nilgiri line in Tamil Nadu state, another remarkable legacy of the colonial era constructed 1891–1908 and still fully operational.

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A sub-set is what one consultant planner has described as ‘boundaries heritage’, which might be linked to cultural or historical landscapes encroached on by others, say through invasion. An interesting example is the initiative by the World Heritage Centre to define and promote the frontiers of the Roman empire transnationally across the Upper German-Raetian Limes and, in the UK, Hadrian’s Wall in northern England and the Antonine Wall (listed 2008), linking the Forth and Clyde in Central Scotland.

Making excellent walking routes, all three incorporate important archaeological features such as forts, camps and civil settlements (often themselves linked by Roman roads or other historic routes).

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