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dc.contributor.authorDenham, Andrew
dc.description.abstractThis is a module framework. It can be viewed online or downloaded as a zip file. As taught Autumn Semester 2010/2011. The aim of this module is to analyse and explain the changing nature of policy-making in contemporary Britain, with particular emphasis on the period since 1979. Specifically, the module examines the impact of new forms of 'governance' on the policy-making process and the changing roles and responsibilities of the British state. Taking the alleged shift from an era of 'government' to one of 'governance', and thence to an era of 'joined up government' as its central theme, the module interrogates key controversies in contemporary British political science. Examples here include the impact of 'governance', of New Right ideology, of Europeanization and of globalization on British public policy in recent years. The module also assesses the role(s) of pressure groups and 'new social movements' in the policy process and changing relations within the 'core executive' (notably, between ministers and civil servants) in recent years. Finally, the module seeks to explain and assess 'New' Labour's attempts to 'reform' and 'modernise' the British state (notably via devolved governance) and the policy process in Westminster and Whitehall (via parliamentary 'reform' and 'joined up government') since 1997. Module Code: M13045 This module is suitable for study at: undergraduate level 3 Credits: 20 Dr Andrew Denham Dr Denham holds a 1st Class degree in Applied Social Sciences, an MA in Political Thought and a PhD in Politics from the University of Southampton, where he was supervised by Professor Raymond (now Lord) Plant. His PhD on New Right think tanks in British politics, won the UK Political Studies Association's Walter Bagehot Prize for Best Thesis in Government and Administration. In 2007, he received the PSA's Richard Rose Prize for his distinctive contribution to research in British Politics. His research and teaching interests encompass British political ideas, British public policy, Conservative Party politics and political biography Dr Denham's principal research interest is in the relationships between (contemporary) political ideas and public policy, particularly - but not exclusively - within the context of the British political tradition. His other main interest is in the nature of contemporary conservatism and the British Conservative Party.
dc.publisherUniversity of Nottingham. Information Services. Learning Team
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dc.titleBritish public policy
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