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    • DigiScore_Transdisciplinary_roundtable_6_Laura_Bishop 

      Vear, Craig (University of Nottingham, 2024-01-09)
      Roundtable discussion with Dr. Laura Bishop. Topic: How can we understand togetherness in ensemble performances with collaborative/ interactive/ intelligent digital scores? This was the sixth conversation in a series ...
    • Point Line Piano by Jarek Kapuscinski 

      Moroz, Solomiya; Vear, Craig (University of Nottingham, 2024-05-21)
      Point Line Piano is an interactive VR project merging drawing and music, creating a vibrant, multisensory environment. Users draw points and lines in VR, activating musical notes and creating complex visuals. The project ...
    • Queer Temporal by Solomiya Moroz 

      Moroz, Solomiya; Vear, Craig (University of Nottingham, 2024-03-19)
      This digital score installation-performance delves into the disruptive nature of time on queer individuals, exploring themes of control, precarity, obstacles, and loss through repetition, entropy, and exaggerated sonic ...