10.0 Conclusion and Final Assessment



10.1 – Sustainability and the Global Marketplace

As an appropriate conclusion to this module, please take some time to listen to the following podcast by Professor Jeremy Moon entitled ‘Doing the right thing: corporate social responsibility in a global marketplace’.


Globalisation, mass consumer awareness and public accountability are all factors in persuading companies to adopt ethical policies. As companies become more accountable not only for their own actions but for those within their supply chain, they have to adapt to ensure success within the context of the global society they operate in.

Professor Jeremy Moon (Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of Nottingham Business School and Director of the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility) discusses some of the challenges faced by modern companies in responding to the various pressures driving them to focus on contributing to society as well as on business performance.

He also talks about the big challenges ahead for international business and what role The University of Nottingham Business School can provide in further developing its teaching and research to best prepare graduates for success in the current climate.

This perspective from an expert in the field of CSR and sustainability provides an appropriately thought-provoking conclusion to the module. It will also hopefully generate some ideas for your final assessment task.