Module Summary



This module is designed for students to learn about citizenship and civil society in the context of globalisation and China’s rise, and to develop their knowledge, skills, awareness and leadership working with Chinese society. The above aims are addressed through a series of seminars together with group discussion and interaction with experts, community leaders, practitioners or relevant stakeholders. Students will have chance to design their own projects and work with relevant stakeholders to address the needs or special issues facing Chinese communities. In regard to students’ own career objectives and competence development, the module will aim to promote amulti-cultural perspective and team-working skills.


  • Enable students to experience a greater sense of connection with each other within a global society and support cross-cultural understanding through facilitating engagement with people from other backgrounds and different cultures. This will include enhancing students’ awareness of the Chinese student experience and creating opportunities for cultural exchange.
  • Through volunteering opportunities and group work, enable students to have a greater sense of belonging to the University of Nottingham, as well as enhancing their general sense of well-being and social contact.
  • Offer students the chance to reflect on and consider their own role as global citizens within local communities.

Target Students

Full time registered University of Nottingham students at all levels, both Chinese and non-Chinese, who are interested in Chinese culture and society, and/or who want to develop their skills, working experience and career in China.