Seminars: topics, dates, speakers and facilitators



Session 1 (5 October): Introduction of the Module:

Bin Wu & Vicky Mann

Session 2 (12 October): Global citizenship and local meaning:

Bernadette Robinson and Andreas Bieler

Session 3 (19 October): Corporation social responsibility: links between globalisation and localisation:

Judy Muthuri and Tyler Rooker

Session 4 (26 October): Community development and civil society in Europe and China

Kanchana Minson and Andreas Fulda

Session 5 (2 November): The Challenge of Cross-Cultural Communication:

David Burns and Robin Dollery

Session 6 (9 November), Workshop 1: Exercising global citizenship: putting ideas into practices,

Andreas Fulda, Bin Wu and Sharon Clancy

Session 7 (16 November): International migration to Nottingham and business opportunities for local SMEs to go to China:

Vincent Bryce and Jason Feehily

Session 8 (23 November): Action research in migrant communities

Don Flynn and Bernadette Robinson

Session 9 (dates to be confirmed): Field visits organized by Bin Wu and

Sharon Clancy

Session 10 (7 December), Workshop 2: Posting and presentation of students' projects with feedback from a panel of experts: Bin Wu,

Andreas Fulda and Sharon Clancy