Using these lectures yourself


For each class the necessary lectures are provided (roughly as given at Nottingham).

The lectures are deliberately rather verbose and you probably want to cut this down considerably to avoid students falling asleep or failing to show up. They were written this way because it’s hard to write a lecture for somebody else to give, without being very explicit about what verbal material was intended alongside the slides.

In addition, each class has lecturers notes file with it, explaining more about the ideas to be conveyed and a batch analysis script where that’s feasible. To run the batch analysis simply open it in PsychoPy (Coder view not Builder) and press run. It will ask you to select the data files you want to run the analysis on (the lecturer materials contain some example data files to try that out). For some experiments, where students create their own experiment, batch analysis is too difficult because each student uses a slightly different name for the variables etc. In these cases we get students to write down their values on a piece of paper and a demonstrators types them into SPSS. Old-school!