Psychology lab classes using PsychoPy

As taught 2011/12
Dr Jon Peirce, School of Psychology

These lab classes were developed at the University of Nottingham as part of the first year course in BSc (Hons) Psychology, with support from the Higher Education Association Psychology Network (HEA-PN). The materials provided here may be distributed freely under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike UK 2.0 Licence (BY-NC-SA), but please acknowledge the University of Nottingham and the Higher Education Academy if you use them.

In order to run the classes you will need to install the PsychoPy application. PsychoPy is an open-source application to allow the presentation of stimuli and collection of data for a wide range of neuroscience, psychology and psychophysics experiments. It’s a free, powerful alternative to Presentation™ or e-Prime™, written in Python (a free alternative to Matlab™ ).

To download the application you can visit and to gain access to detailed information and documentation about the application you can visit