Sustainability in the Arts and Humanities



So, how do people within the Arts and Humanities view their role?...

The Arts and Humanities encompass perhaps the most creative but also culture-critical disciplines within academia. For this reason, I asked a number of scholars within the Arts and Humanities about their perspectives on sustainability, how they defined the term and what they thought our disciplines might contribute to the debate. I asked them the following questions:

Q: What does the term ‘sustainability’ mean to you?

Q. How do you perceive the responsibilities of your discipline in grappling with sustainability?

Q: How can we help to improve understanding of these challenges, through interrogation of the cultural record and analysis of processes of cultural change?

The responses to these questions have been brought together within the

Discipline-specific Perspectives on Sustainability’ pdf

There are several other sources that you should look at.

In March 2012, the University of New Hampshire held their ‘Sustainability Unbound’ seminar series that brought together top academics (including module contributor Jeff Titon) from within the Arts and Humanities to consider the subject – their seminar were filmed and have been made available on the seminar series website – this one is definitely worth a visit.

A recent collaboration between The Ashden Trust and Open University Culture and Climate Change brought together artists, producers, journalists and academics from a variety of disciplines to map the role that culture had to play in climate change. You can access the discussion in two formats, click on either tab for the links:

Text format

Audio format

Please spend time looking at these now and then return to the chapter.