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dc.contributor.authorBatchelor, Jonathan
dc.contributor.otherThomas, K.S.
dc.contributor.otherMontgomery, Alan
dc.contributor.otherSimpkins, Daniel
dc.contributor.otherTan, Wei
dc.description.abstractAim To fill validation gaps for the Vitiligo Noticeability Scale (VNS) so it can be considered for adoption into the vitiligo Core Outcome Set. Objectives: 1) Test the reliability and interpretability of the VNS using digital images collected in the HI-Light Vitiligo trial 2) Explore how post-treatment hyperpigmentation around vitiligo patches influences the assessment of treatment success, and the value of delaying assessment of the VNS until hyperpigmentation has resolved. 3) Develop a ‘static’ version of the VNS and explore whether ‘static’ or ‘change from baseline’ response options are most meaningful to patients, valid and responsive Background to data collection We used the VNS as the primary outcome measure in a large NIHR-funded clinical trial (HI-Light). Blinded patient assessors viewed images from the HI-Light trial. Reliability was assessed using test-retest analyses, and interpretability by comparing with global treatment success. The static VNS was developed using focus groups with vitiligo patients, using framework analysis of the data. The new scale was validated using the same methods and analyses as for the original VNS scale.en_UK
dc.publisherThe University of Nottinghamen_UK
dc.titleVitiligo Noticeability Scale-validation studiesen_UK
dc.subject.freeVitiligo, Validation, Noticeabilityen_UK
dc.subject.jacsMedicine and Dentistryen_UK
dc.subject.lcR Medicine::RL Dermatologyen_UK
dc.subject.lcW Medicine and related subjects (NLM Classification)::WR Dermatologyen_UK
uon.divisionUniversity of Nottingham, UK Campusen_UK
uon.funder.controlledNational Institute for Health Researchen_UK
uon.datatypePatient dataen_UK
uon.collectionmethodCase report formsen_UK
uon.legalAnonymisation and informed consenten_UK
uon.rightscontactThe University of Nottinghamen_UK
uon.institutes-centresUniversity of Nottingham, UK Campusen_UK
uon.identifier.risprojectValidating patient-reported outcomes to improve the quality of vitiligo randomised controlled trials and inform development of an international core outcome set for vitiligo Picture Project 522590: Validating Patient-reported Outcomes To Improve The Quality Of Vitiligo Randomised Controlled Trials And Inform Development Of An International Core Outcome Set For Vitiligo 522590en_UK

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