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dc.contributor.authorBeton, Peter
dc.contributor.authorKerfoot, James
dc.contributor.otherSvatek, Simon A.
dc.contributor.otherAntolín, Elisa
dc.contributor.otherTaniguchi, Takashi
dc.contributor.otherWatanabe, Kenji
dc.contributor.otherKorolkov, Vladimir V.
dc.description.abstractThe photophysics of a semiconducting polymer is manipulated through molecular self-assembly on an insulating surface. Adsorption of polythiophene (PT) monolayers on hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) leads to a structurally-induced planarization and a re-balancing of inter- and intra-chain excitonic coupling. This conformational control results in a dominant 0-0 photoluminescence peak and a reduced Huang-Rhys factor, characteristic of J-type aggregates, and optical properties which are significantly different to both PT thin films and single polymer strands. Adsorption on hBN also provides a route to explore electroluminescence from PT monolayers though incorporation into hybrid van der Waals heterostructures whereby the polymer monolayer is embedded within a hBN tunnel diode. In these structures we observe up-converted singlet electroluminescence from the PT monolayer, with an excitation mechanism based upon inelastic electron scattering. We argue that surface adsorption provides a methodology for the study of fundamental optoelectronic properties of technologically-relevant polymers.en_UK
dc.publisherThe University of Nottinghamen_UK
dc.subject.lcshBoron nitrideen_UK
dc.subject.lcshOrganic electronicsen_UK
dc.subject.lcshMolecular electronicsen_UK
dc.titleFluorescence and electroluminescence of J-aggregated polythiophene monolayers on hexagonal boron nitrideen_UK
dc.subject.freeself-assembly, photoluminescence, electroluminescence, semiconducting polymer, organic electronics, molecular electronics, photophysics.  en_UK
dc.subject.jacsPhysical sciences::Physicsen_UK
dc.subject.lcQ Science::QC Physicsen_UK - 01.04.2020en_UK
uon.divisionUniversity of Nottingham, UK Campusen_UK
uon.funder.controlledEngineering & Physical Sciences Research Councilen_UK
uon.datatypeRaw data files: AFM images (.ibw), photoluminescence and electroluminescence spectra (.ls6 and .txt), current vs. voltage measurement files (.txt), optical microscopy images (.jpg)en_UK
uon.funder.freeLeverhulme Trusten_UK
uon.funder.freeElemental Strategy Initiativeen_UK
uon.funder.freeJSPS KAKENHIen_UK
uon.grantEPSRC: EP/N033906/1en_UK
uon.grantLeverhulme Trust: RPG-2016-104en_UK
uon.grantLeverhulme Trust: RF-2019-460en_UK
uon.grantElemental Strategy Initiative (MEXT): JPMXP0112101001en_UK
uon.grantJSPS KAKENHI: JP20H00354en_UK
uon.grantCREST: JPMJCR15F3en_UK
uon.grantMINECO: FJC2018-036517-Ien_UK
uon.grantMINECO: RYC-2015-18539en_UK
uon.collectionmethodOptical microscopy, Fluorescence microscopy, Atomic force microscopy, probe station current-voltage measurements.en_UK
uon.institutes-centresUniversity of Nottingham, UK Campusen_UK

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