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dc.contributor.authorDi Paola, Davide
dc.contributor.authorMakarovsky, Oleg
dc.contributor.otherpatane, amalia
dc.contributor.otherKrier, Anthony
dc.contributor.otherLu, Q
dc.contributor.otherRepiso, E
dc.contributor.otherKesaria, M
dc.description.abstractLight emitting diodes (LEDs) for the mid-infrared (MIR) spectral range require material systems with tailored optical absorption and emission at wavelengths  > 2 μm. Here, we report on MIR LEDs based on In(AsN)/(InAl)As resonant tunnelling diodes (RTDs). The N-atoms lead to the formation of localized deep levels in the In(AsN) quantum well (QW) layer of the RTD. This has two main effects on the electroluminescence (EL) emission. By electrical injection of carriers into the N-related levels, EL emission is achieved at wavelengths significantly larger than for the QW emission ( ~ 3 m), extending the output of the diode to  ~ 5 m. Furthermore, for applied voltages well below the flat band condition of the diode, EL emission is observed at energies much larger than those supplied by the applied voltage and/or thermal energy, with an energy gain E > 0.2 eV at room temperature. We attribute this up-conversion luminescence (UCL) to an Auger-like recombination process.en_UK
dc.publisherapplied physics lettersen_UK
dc.subject.lcshLight emitting diodesen_UK
dc.titleRoom temperature up-conversion electroluminescence from a mid-infrared In(AsN) tunnelling diodeen_UK
dc.subject.freeup-conversion, electroluminescence, In(AsN), tunnelling diodeen_UK
dc.subject.jacsPhysical sciences::Physicsen_UK
dc.subject.lcQ Science::QC Physicsen_UK
dc.contributor.corporateUniversity of Sheffielden_UK
uon.divisionUniversity of Nottingham, UK Campusen_UK
uon.datatyperaw dataen_UK
uon.collectionmethodoriginal dataen_UK

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