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dc.contributor.authorSaywell, Alex
dc.contributor.otherJudd, Chris J.
dc.contributor.otherChampness, Neil R.
dc.description.abstractOn-surface reactions based on metal-catalysed Ullmann coupling have been successfully employed to synthesise a wide variety of covalently coupled structures. Substrate chemistry and topology are both known to effect the progression of an on-surface reaction; offering routes to control efficiency and selectivity. Here, we detail ultra-high vacuum scanning probe microscopy experiments showing that templating a catalytically active surface, via a supramolecular template, influences the reaction pathway of an on-surface Ullmann-type coupling reaction by inhibiting one potential intermediate structure and stabilising another.en_UK
dc.publisherThe University of Nottinghamen_UK
dc.subject.lcshHeterogeneous catalysisen_UK
dc.subject.lcshScanning probe microscopyen_UK
dc.subject.lcshSupramolecular chemistryen_UK
dc.subject.lcshSurface chemistryen_UK
dc.titleAn on-surface reaction confined within a porous molecular templateen_UK
dc.subject.freeheterogeneous catalysis, supramolecular chemistry, scanning probe microscopy, surface chemistry, templated reactionsen_UK
dc.subject.jacsPhysical sciences::Chemistry::Physical chemistryen_UK
dc.subject.jacsPhysical sciences::Physics::Chemical physics, Solid-state physicsen_UK
dc.subject.lcQ Science::QD Chemistry::QD450 Physical and theoretical chemistryen_UK
uon.divisionUniversity of Nottingham, UK Campus::Faculty of Science::School of Physics and Astronomyen_UK
uon.divisionUniversity of Nottingham, UK Campus::Faculty of Science::School of Chemistryen_UK
uon.funder.controlledEngineering & Physical Sciences Research Councilen_UK
uon.datatypeScanning tunnelling microscopy images (STM)en_UK
uon.funder.freePeople Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programmeen_UK
uon.grantEPSRC Doctoral Training Granten_UK
uon.collectionmethodScanning Tunelling Microscopy (STM): Omicron LT- UHV STM/AFM system + Omicron STM-1 RT-UHV systemen_UK

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