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      Surface chemistry; Silver -- Surfaces; Scanning probe microscopy; Catalysis; Chemical bonds -- Structure; on-surface synthesis, Ullmann coupling, scanning probe microscopy, cataylsis; Physical sciences::Chemistry::Physical chemistry; Physical sciences::Physics::Chemical physics, Solid-state physics; Porphyrins; Nanorings [1]
      Surfaces [2]
      Surfaces (Technology) -- Analysis [1]
      Sustainable Drainage Systems, Multiple Benefit Evaluation, Flood Risk Management, Blue-Green Infrastructure [1]
      Sustainable Drainage Systems, Public Engagement, Flood Mitigation, Water Quality [1]
      Sustainable engineering [1]
      Sustainable engineering -- England -- Newcastle -- Evaluation [2]
      Sustainable engineering – Research [1]
      Sustainable urban development [1]
      Sustainable urban drainage systems; sediment transport; rare earth tracer; pollutant treatment efficiency; stormwater quality [1]
      T Technology [3]
      T Technology::T Technology (General) [2]
      T Technology::TA Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General) [2]
      T Technology::TC Hydraulic engineering. Ocean engineering [2]
      T Technology::TD Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering [1]
      T Technology::TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery::TJ170 Mechanics applied to machinery. Dynamics [1]
      T Technology::TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering [3]
      T Technology::TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering::TK5101 Telecommunication [1]
      T Technology::TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering::TK7800 Electronics [2]
      T Technology::TL Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics [1]