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    • Connected Everything Industry Interviews : Priorities for Digital Manufacturing 

      Sharples, Sarah; Woolley, Claire (The University of Nottingham, 2069-08-01)
      To ascertain industry perspectives on digital manufacturing in the UK, and thereby identify fundamental and applied research challenges in digital manufacturing which will enable the acceleration of improvement in productivity.
    • Conversational agent use in a café 

      Porcheron, Martin (The University of Nottingham, 2017-02-25)
      Anonymised transcripts of conversational agent use in a café that were used for the following publication: Martin Porcheron, Joel E. Fischer, and Sarah Sharples. 2017. “Do Animals Have Accents?”: Talking with Agents in ...
    • Voice interfaces in everyday life 

      Porcheron, Martin (University of Nottingham, 2018-02-20)
      Anonymised transcripts of Amazon Echo interfaces in a home, as used in the CHI 2018 paper "Voice Interfaces in Everyday Life". This data was captured using a custom-built recording device ("Conditional Voice Recorder") ...