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    • Partial Identification of Economic Mobility: With an Application to the United States 

      Millimet, Daniel L.; Li, Hao; Roychowdhury, Punarjit (Figshare, 2019)
    • A participatory system dynamics model to investigate sustainable urban water management in Ebbsfleet Garden City 

      O'Donnell, Emily (The University of Nottingham, 2021-01-13)
      Growing urban populations, changes in rainfall patterns and ageing infrastructure represent significant challenges for urban water management (UWM). There is a critical need for research into how cities should adapt to ...
    • Patch Area and Uniform Sampling on the Surface of Any Ellipsoid 

      Marples, Callum; Williams, Phil (The University of Nottingham, 2023-05-19)
      Source code (C++), run script (shell), and analysis scripts (Python) in relation to the article "Patch Area and Uniform Sampling on the Surface of Any Ellipsoid"
    • Pathway 2 Information : citing references 

      Unknown author
      The citing and referencing module is part of a wider online tutorial designed to teach a range of information skills to undergraduate students. The module aims to provide an introductory guide to why referencing and citing ...
    • Patterns of life 

      Field, Richard
      Each mp3 voice recording accompanies a PowerPoint slide or set of slides. These two files were bundled together with a transcript of the mp3s (mainly for people with hearing disabilities) and a printer-friendly pdf of the ...
    • Perceptions of electricity use at home and in the workplace 

      Spence, Alexa (UK Data Archive, 2018)
    • Performances Received by Plays set in the Ancient World, 1732-1831 

      Fisher, Gary F. (The University of Nottingham, 2020-04-03)
      This spreadsheet details the performances that different plays set in the ancient world received during the period from 1732 to 1831.
    • “A Permanent National Necessity...” Adult Education and Lifelong Learning for 21st Century Britain 

      Holford, John (University of Nottingham School of Education, 2019-11-25)
      Report of the Centenary Commission on Adult Education (2019); chair: Dame Helen Ghosh. The Commission was set up by the Adult Education 100 campaign to mark the centenary of the Final Report (1919) of the Ministry of ...
    • Personal & professional development 

      University of Nottingham. School of Graduate Entry Medicine and Health
      This resource provides an overview of the Personal and Professional Development activities and requirements embedded within the eighteen month pre-clinical part of the Graduate Entry Medicine course and the portfolio that ...
    • PGCE International 

      Unknown author
      This is a module framework. It can be viewed online or downloaded as a zip file. As taught in Autumn Semester 2009/10. The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) is a part-time programme of professional ...
    • Photoemission electron microscopy images of antiferromagnetic half-skyrmions and analysis of their current-driven motion 

      Amin, Oliver James (University of Nottingham, 2023-03-21)
      Antiferromagnetic half-skyrmions are generated and controllably moved using electrical pulses in CuMnAs microdevices. The data collection contains PEEM images identifying half-skyrmions and tracking their displacement with ...
    • Physics in architecture 

      Whittle, John
      Developed in 1998 by Dr John Whittle (Department of the Built Environment) using Authorware, this package contains brief interactive notes on eight areas of physics in which architects need a working knowledge. However, ...
    • Physiological responses of Brassica napus varieties to variable phosphorous conditions when grown in hydroponics data 

      Batchelor, Alexandra (The University of Nottingham, 2022-06-01)
      Data on physiological characteristics of Brassica napus varieties grown under variable phosphorous conditions in a hydroponics system Varieties A-Prince, B-Caramba, C-Gefion, D-Pacific, E-Montego, F-Musette
    • A pilot study to identify MRI derived imaging features that drive the significant association between brain health and dementia related risk factors 

      Meng, Dewen (The University of Nottingham, 2024-05-30)
      The study protocol for a pilot study to identify the MRI based imaging derived phenotypes which drive the significant association between brain health and modifiable risk factors that related to dementia.
    • Pingdemic newspapers - July 2021 

      Heaton, Dan (The University of Nottingham, 2023-03-29)
      Articles collected from UK newspapers in July 2021 in reference to the 'pingdemic'.
    • Point Line Piano by Jarek Kapuscinski 

      Moroz, Solomiya; Vear, Craig (University of Nottingham, 2024-05-21)
      Point Line Piano is an interactive VR project merging drawing and music, creating a vibrant, multisensory environment. Users draw points and lines in VR, activating musical notes and creating complex visuals. The project ...
    • Political behaviour 

      Goodwin, Matthew
      This is a module framework. It can be viewed online or downloaded as a zip file. As taught Autumn Semester 2010/2011. This module will introduce students to key debates in the study of political behaviour. The module ...
    • Political ideas in revolution 

      Stevens, David
      This is a module framework. It can be viewed online or downloaded as a zip file. As taught Autumn Semester 2010/2011. This module introduces students to the ideas of key thinkers in the history of western political ...
    • Politics and drugs 

      Pryce, Sue
      As taught Spring Semester 2011. This module studies the implications of the growing use of illicit drugs for the political system from both a national and international perspective. It will examine the production, ...
    • Politics in 60 seconds 

      Unknown author
      This video is the introductory trailer for a series of videos which capture political experts at The University of Nottingham rising to the challenge of defining a political concept in 60 seconds. Warning this video ...