1.2 What is Sustainability?



Activity 1

Sustainability is perhaps the word of the moment in corporate parlance. It is used widely by businesses, sometimes indiscriminately. Before starting the module, we want to get an idea of what comes to mind when you hear the ‘S’ word.

To do this, create a date and title entry in your learning diary called ‘What sustainability means to me’ and record your thoughts here. Initially list words or concepts that spring to mind when hear the term ‘sustainability’. You might like to try writing a formal definition of sustainability. Some of you may even be able to provide examples of projects or initiatives that you have seen aimed at promoting sustainability. Alternatively, you might like to provide an example or two of something you have done at home or at school or university that promotes sustainability. Please do not search on Google for definitions of sustainability. We want to see definitions, ideas and examples in your own words.

Don’t be embarrassed if you know nothing about sustainability. If you knew lots, there would be little point in studying this module! It is important to gather different perspectives on sustainability, as much from people who are new to the field as it is from supposed experts.

There is no right or wrong answer. We simply want you to express what your ideas on sustainability before working through the module.

At the end of the module, you will be asked to write another entry describing your notions of sustainability, and you will be able to compare that with the definition you provide here.

You should spend no longer than 20 minutes writing this entry, and it should be fewer than 400 words.