General Group Ground Rules

Student guidelines for the presentation of work in groups

You will be allocated to a student group for the whole module. Your group will meet on dates throughout the module and you will present and discuss your written work on the designated dates. Your group will be facilitated by a member of teaching staff. In the groups each student has two main responsibilities; to present their own written work and to read and give feedback on the work of their colleagues.

Preparing for meetings

Work individually and follow the guidelines for each task. Produce a written copy of your work ready for presentation to your group on the designated date.

If your group decides, written work can be distributed before the date of the meeting to give group members time to read the material and prepare feedback.

Organising your group

At the first meeting it is important to identify ground rules for your group.

For example, you may need to agree how to:

  • distribute your written work within the group
  • ensure a fair use of time within the group
  • present the work and give feedback
  • support students who may be absent
  • deal with group members who do not become fully involved in presenting or giving feedback
  • Guidelines for giving feedback
  • Spend time reading your colleagues work and make notes to help you give some constructive feedback.

Aspects to consider:

  • What are the strengths and areas for improvement in their work?
  • Has the work followed the guidelines?
  • Have all aspects been covered or are there any gaps?
  • What is the balance of the work like?
  • How does it compare with your own work?
  • How might it help you develop your own work?

Teacher guidelines

The teacher’s role is to help ensure the smooth running of each group. This may involve assistance with establishing group ground rules.

The primary feedback on group members’ work should come from the students.

Encourage open, honest and balanced feedback

Make sure that students are fulfilling their responsibilities to the group by producing their own written work and by taking time to read and give feedback on their colleagues’ work.