Frequently Asked Questions

How are the individual tasks marked?

Task 1 600 words Formative
Task 2 600 words 20% Pass 8/20
Task 3 700 words 20% Pass 8/20
Task 4 700 words 20% Pass 8/20
Task 5 1000 words 40% Pass 16/40

What do you need to do to pass?

Achieve 40% overall from the four summative Tasks (Tasks Two – Five).

Do I need to pass all four summative tasks?

Do, as long as you achieve 40% in total for Tasks Two - Five, you have passed the module.

What if I don’t get 40%?

You only resubmit the Tasks you failed. Please include your first submission mark sheet with the resubmitted tasks.

Can I resubmit all the summative Tasks to improve my overall mark?

The marker will only mark Tasks failed at first submission so there is no point. Remember marks can go down as well as up!

Do I have to submit all the summative Tasks?

Yes. If you do not submit all summative Tasks as required, your submission will be awarded 0% and none of the Tasks will be marked.

What is the point of the formative Task One if I don’t receive any marks?

You will receive feedback from your marker on a standard mark sheet early on in the course. This will enable you to confirm you are writing and referencing appropriately and identify areas of concern, on which you can then seek advice.

Is there any penalty for not handing in Task One?

Not as such. However if you do find difficulty with writing and referencing and you do not submit Task One, it is difficult for the University to provide assistance and the Exam Board may take non-submission into account, should you fail the module.

What if I exceed the word limit?

Part One – Task One:

s there is no mark awarded for Task One this will only be commented upon. You should use this feedback to improve your writing on this and other modules.

Part Two – Task Two to Five:

The Module Leaders have agreed that if you do not exceed the overall word limit (3000 words) for Task Two to Five, you will not be penalised. However, we would strongly recommend that you do not exceed individual Task word limit. Writing more words than allotted to one Task will result in less scope for discussion in other Tasks. If you do exceed the aggregate 3000 word limit for Part Two (Tasks Two to Five) you will be penalised according to Division of Nursing Guidelines – see Student Handbook.