Assessment Guidelines


The assessment is a ‘patchwork text’ (Winter 2003). You will be developing a number of pieces of written work throughout the module. One Task is formative and handed in towards the end of your first theory block. The other four Tasks are summative and handed in towards the end of the Module. You will have the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback on your ideas for each piece of work at set meetings with student colleagues and a facilitator.

The reasons for using the patchwork text are:

  1. It ensures you are actively involved in the module and your assignment from the beginning
  2. It gives you the opportunity to share your work with student colleagues and a facilitator and to use the feedback to edit and develop your writing
  3. It involves a variety of written tasks and you have the opportunity to demonstrate your learning across the modular content / outcomes


The assessment process is in two sections.

Part One is a formative piece of work (Task One) that you submit to the Assessment Office at the end of your first theory block. Though you do not receive a mark for this work you will receive feedback on your writing and referencing in a standard format from your facilitator.

NB There will only be one submission date set for this formative piece of work. Markers are under no obligation to provide feedback if Task One is not submitted by the published date, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Part Two (Tasks Two – Five) is a summative piece of work that you submit at the end of the module. You MUST submit and pass Part Two Tasks. As with all summative assessments there will be a first and second submission date set.

There are written guidelines for each task
All summative tasks must be attempted and handed in to achieve a pass.
The marks for the summative tasks will be aggregated to produce a single module mark.
You need to achieve a 40% aggregated mark in Part Two, to pass the module
All written work should conform to university guidelines on presentation, referencing etc.

The tasks are:

Part One - Formative

  1. Searching for information - 600 words (no mark awarded though feedback provided)

Part Two - Summative

  1. A reflection on practice - 600 words (20%)
  2. A discussion on the achievement of a practice outcome - 700 words (20%)
  3. An appraisal of literature - 700 words (20%)
  4. A final summary and appraisal of your learning during the module - 1000 words (40%)
Winter R (2003) The patchwork text; a radical re-assessment of coursework assignments Innovations in Education and Teaching International, special issue. 40,(2)

Written Presentation

All the written work should conform to the university guidelines on presentation, layout and referencing.