Your Assessment



For your assessment you should spend time reading the University’s sustainability document and, in the light of what you have learning in this module and from reading more widely, you should:

Critique the University’s documentation, by which I mean consider what the University is doing well but also what it might be doing better.

If you are able to identify an area for improvement you should think creatively about how the University could implement changes to redress the situation.

Any suggestions for improvement will need to be well researched (perhaps drawing upon work at other Universities – this can be explored via the internet) and well argued, a key skill of Arts and Humanities students.

You should bring together your critique and suggestions for improvement in a statement of between 500-1000 words.

After submission and marking, the best statements will be taken forward to the University for consideration.

If you are struggling for ideas, here are some questions (I do not know the answers as I have not done the research, that is your job…).