Assessment will consist of two pieces of assessed coursework, each worth 5 per cent of the credit for the module, and one 2-hour written examination worth 90 per cent of the credit for the module.

On the examination, there will be five questions, and your best four answers will count. If you answer four of the questions perfectly, then you will obtain full marks.

Only silent, self-contained calculators with a Single-line Display or Dual-line Display will be permitted in this examination.

Should a resit examination be required in August/September it will take the same form as above (five questions, best four answers count, same restriction on calculators). Coursework does not contribute to the resit assessment for this module.

You may find it useful to look at the past examination papers for G12MAN/G1BMAN. You can expect most parts of most of the examination questions this year to have a similar style to parts of questions from previous years.

Note that the material on rigorous MULTI-VARIABLE differential calculus (part of the section on differentiation in 2004-5) is no longer examinable as of 2006-7.

The material on differentiation and integration of functions of a SINGLE VARIABLE is still examinable.

  • Some sections of some examination questions may consist of standard material from the module, also known as bookwork.
  • ALL of the material from the latest version of the G12MAN annotated slides is regarded as examinable as bookwork, and may appear on the examination in bookwork sections of questions, UNLESS EXPLICITLY STATED OTHERWISE.
  • Other material from the module (coursework questions, solutions, etc.) may also be represented in the non-bookwork sections of examination questions.
  • Some sections of examination questions may be unseen, but of a standard type, similar in style to other questions from the module.
  • Some sections of examination questions may be entirely unseen, and not of any of the types mentioned above.
Dr Feinstein's model answers to the autumn 2005-6 G1BMAN and to the autumn 2006-7, 2007-8 and 2008-9 G12MAN examination papers are available from the Module Feedback Page (available from the University of Nottingham only), along with comments by Dr Feinstein on the students' solutions to those papers.