Complaints about GP Visits

a) Any student who feels that they are not gaining adequate experience on their GP visits should attempt to discuss and resolve the matter with their individual GP tutor in the first instance.

b) In circumstances where discussion with individual tutors does not result in a mutually acceptable solution, or where the student does not feel able to talk to the tutor, then the matter should be raised with the Director of Clinical Skills. This should be done in writing, with adequate detail about the problems encountered. The Director of Clinical Skills will then arrange to meet the student to discuss the matter and agree possible means of resolution. The Director of Clinical skills will then liaise with the individual GP Tutor concerned.

c) Where possible, an adequate resolution should be found with the existing tutor.  However, if this is impracticable, then the student should be offered an alternative placement for their GP visits, although this may be outside usual curricular hours.

d) If difficulties continue, or cannot be resolved, the matter will be discussed with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.