Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century American Entertainment Culture

As taught in Autumn/Spring Semsters 2009/2010

School of American and Canadian Studies and Film and Television Studies

Dr Matthew Pethers
Dr Graham Thompson
Dr Paul Grainge
Dr John Fagg

This resource presents material from four different courses taught across the School of American and Canadian Studies and Film and Television Studies. It addresses various aspects of nineteenth and early twentieth century American entertainment culture.

You can view module outlines for 4 modules taught within the school:

  • American Drama (undergraduate year 3 level)
  • American Sensations (undergraduate year 3 level)
  • Film History (undergraduate year 1 level)
  • Emergence of Mass Culture (undergraduate year 2 level)

The information contained within the module outlines includes: module objectives, lecture schedules, reading lists, teaching and learning methods, module resources, modes of assessment and essay questions.

This resource also presents examples of materials from each of the modules listed above. The materials available address:

  • The Sensational Novels of the 1850's (from the American Sensations module)
  • Mass Market Magazines around 1900 (from the Emergence of Mass Culture module)
  • The movie Palaces of the 1920's (from the Film History module)
  • The Depression-Era Theatre of the 1930's (from the American Drama module)