Use of Second Life

We do understand that your rehearsal time and facilities in the performing arts studio are limited. We have therefore set up a virtual performing arts studio (along with an assortment of props, lighting equipment, and so forth) in ‘Second Life’ for you to use when planning your work. This is not a mandatory part of the assessment, but you might find it helpful to experiment with your ideas here. If you want to, for example, you could print off a screen image of your work in second life in order to show to your actors or to submit as part of your write-up.

In order to access this resource and setup your own VPAS you must have SL installed on your computer and have a SL account. Downloading and registering with Second Life is quick, easy and free of charge – more details can be found at

The virtual performing arts studio is available at:

The official ‘Second Life’ guide can be found at:

However, do remember that you should not spend the bulk of your preparation time using this resource: if you do decide to use ‘Second Life’, it should add to your real life planning rather than distract from it.