Second Life: Virtual Performing Arts Studio

Developed specifically to support the ‘Introduction to Drama’ module,the Virtual Performing Arts Studio (VPAS) in Second Life (SL) gives students the opportunity to customise their own 3D virtual studio with scenery, props, actors and lighting effects to help them visualise performances and see how their changes affect the experience of the audience.

This free version of the studios available for you to try out on The University of Nottingham’s Second Life Web Campus is quick and easy to setup on your own land in SL. It is also fully editable so with a bit more time and experience you can adapt it to your specific requirements.

In order to access this resource and setup your own VPAS you must have SL installed on your computer and have a SL account. Downloading and registering with Second Life is quick, easy and free of charge – more details can be found at

Once registered with SL installed, the VPAS is available at:

Click ‘teleport now’ to open SL. When you have logged on you will find yourself on the University’s Web Campus. Click the sign in front of you to receive a folder containing the VPAS and further instructions on how to set it up.