Modes of Assessment

Assessment on the module is divided between:

1) A performance presentation

These take place during the workshops in alternate weeks in the Autumn semester. You will be working in pairs, and your task is to direct a group of approximately eight other students in a five minute performance of a section of the week’s script. Together with your fellow director, you will be examined on: the production of a set of preparatory instructions and explanation (about 1,500 words, to be sent to your group’s part of the module’s Web CT by 12 noon on the Friday before the workshops); a five minute response to questions from the group and the tutor following the performance; and an individual self-reflective evaluation.  The performance presentation exercise is weighted at 40%.

2) Take Away Exam: Performance Analysis

Analysis of an extract of performance viewed on video in the final session of the module at 11am on Wednesday 5th May. This will take place in the usual lecture venue. A video extract will run on a continuous loop for approximately 30 minutes, after which you will have until 3.30pm the next day to complete writing up your response. Latecomers to the video viewing will not be allowed extra time. Submissions must be word processed and handed into the School office. This assessment exercise is weighted at 60%.

The primary object of the exercise is to analyse the construction and effects of the performance in the extract as fully and precisely as possible. Remember that this kind of analysis is not the same as literary criticism. What you are assessing is how the effects of the piece are produced on stage in this particular production. You are also expected to be able to demonstrate knowledge of the performance conventions of the play’s period in this exam. More information about this exercise will be provided in a lecture and on Web CT at the start of the Spring semester, and you will be given an opportunity to practise analysis of both script and video before writing the exam.