Lecture, Workshop and Seminar List

Lectures take place on alternate Wednesdays at 11am in room A48 of the Clive Granger building.

Workshops and seminars are held in the Performing Arts Studio, Trent Building LG18.

27-29 September Introductory Workshops
6 Oct 11am lecture: Greek tragedy
6 Oct
12.30pm talk: ‘Lakeside and the Role of the Director’ with Matt Aston, director and programmer, at the Djanogly Theatre.
11-13 Oct
Workshop, set text: Medea
20 Oct
Lecture: Medieval mystery plays
25-27 Oct
Workshop, set text: The Wakefield Second Shepherds’ Play
1-5 Nov
10 Nov
Lecture: The Shakespearean Stage
15-17 Nov
Workshop: set text, Macbeth
24 Nov
Lecture: Theatre in the Restoration
29 Nov-1 Dec
Workshop: set text, The Rover
8 Dec
Lecture: Naturalism
17-19 Jan
Set text, A Doll’s House
2 Feb
Lecture: Why perform?
7-9 Feb
Seminar, set text: Oedipus Rex
16 Feb
Lecture: Where does performance happen?
21-23 Feb
Seminar, set text: Everyman
2 Mar
Lecture: What’s in the script?
7-9 Mar
Seminar, set text: Doctor Faustus
16 Mar
Lecture: Who performs?
21-23 Mar
Seminar, set text: The Beggar’s Opera
30 Mar
Lecture: Conclusion and revision
4 May
Take-away exam: performance analysis