Directors’ Instructions for Performers

Having decided upon a section of script, the directors should write an explanatory set of instructions (approx. 1,500 words) for the other members of the group. These instructions should describe what is required in the performance in as much detail as possible. Casting, movement, use of the performance space, and possibly use of props or costume (to be provided by the two directors if used) should all be covered. The instructions should make it clear to each member of the group exactly what will be required of them.

When writing these instructions, the directors need to consider how the effect you wish to achieve will be realised by your performers. For example, instructions which simply state ‘Character X is angry/ shy/ flirtatious’ are inadequate. You need to describe how your performers should demonstrate these emotions. Think about how you want them to use their body, face, and voice, and describe these details so your performers can follow them on the day.

These instructions must be uploaded, as a Word document, onto the discussion section (the drawing pin icon) of the module’s Web CT by 12 noon on the Friday preceding the workshop. Label the document clearly with the title of the piece you are performing (eg. Medea). Please ensure that the document is not larger than 1MB.