Books, Online Resources and Videos

We are often asked by students what they should begin reading. I'd recommend that you start with some of the books listed under the ‘select bibliography’ tab. You can find these books in the Hallward library.

If you also wish to conduct some of your research online you can find some useful information about Doctor Faustus at; you can find some information about Macbeth and the Shakespearean stage at and at; and you may want to revise and test some of your knowledge of the historical and literary contexts surrounding dramatic texts of the middle ages and the renaissance at

You may also wish to watch Channel 4's version of Macbeth, which can be accessed online at the address you need to type in your university login and type 'Macbeth' into the search section, before clicking on 'Shakespeare Half Hours'. Bear in mind, of course, that a filmed version of a play is a very different thing to a live theatre performance.

Meanwhile, you can find an interesting modernised version of Ibsen's A Doll's House at There is also a wide variety of filmed performances of the texts on this course available to view on video at the Hallward library on campus. You might also want to search for suitable performances simply type in the name of the play (and author, if known) and click 'search'.