Supplementary Books for Tutorial Readings

  • Peele, Bailey, Cain and Peters Developments in Am Politics 6 (Palgrave 2010) (worth buying)
  • Johnson and Broder The System (BackBay Books 1997) not a standard text but it gives real insight into how American government works, or doesn’t work

Other useful, comprehensive texts include:

  • Katz Political Institutions in the United States (Oxford 2006)
  • Kernel & Jacobson The Logic of American Political (CQ Press 2006)
  • Duncan and Goddard Contemporary America (Palgrave 2003)
  • Ashbee, American Society Today (Manchester U P 2002)
  • McKeever & Davies Politics USA (Pearson Longman 2006)
  • Singh, Robert Contemporary American Politics (Sage 2002)
  • Dye and Zeigler The Irony of Democracy Millennial edn (Harcourt: 2000)
  • Lasser, William The Enduring Constitution 2nd edn (Houghton Mifflin 1999)
  • Lasser, Perspectives on American Government 3nd edn (Houghton Mifflin)
  • Keller, ed Talking Stock: American Government in 20th Century (Camb. U.P 1999)
  • Shafritz, Classics in American Government 2nd ed (Harcourt 2000)
  • Young, William Source Readings in American Govt. (Harcourt 2000)
  • Duncan and Goddard (2005) Contemporary American Govt. 2nd edn (Palgrave)
  • Hodgson, Godfrey (2007) More Equal than Others (Princeton)

There are also several comprehensive American texts on American government in the library. You will find they cover all the key topics and give an American perspective although some have the drawbacks of being a little reverential and folksie.

The books below contain essays by well-known academics who specialize in particular aspects of American government and politics. Again, any of these are worth buying to supplement a basic text.

  • Peele, Gillian et al eds. Developments in American Politics 2,3, 4 and 5 (Macmillan) and still worth reading

There are numerous books in the library that deal with particular fields. It's up to you to use the subject search facilities and find your way round the appropriate shelves.

You should also keep up to date with contemporary American politics by reading the quality press.

The library subscribes to the following journals that contain useful and interesting articles:
  • Presidential Studies Quarterly
  • American Political Science Review
  • American Journal of Political Science
  • For a satirical view of American politics try:
  • P.J. O'Rourke Parliament of Whores - for a radical unconventional look at American government, but be aware that it is written from a New Right perspective.
  • Anonymous Primary Colours - for a racy account of presidential campaigning, supposedly written by an aide to Bill Clinton during the 1992 election campaign. Lots of bad language, but still well worth a read.
  • Mark Lawson Idlewild - very well-written, clever and imaginative account of 'batty' behaviour of American governing elites.