When and how you receive your result

The result of your dissertation assessment and for the course as a whole are normally announced as soon as possible after the Examination Board. This will be confirmed with you once dates are known. In some exceptional cases results can be withheld or delayed (see end section of this page).


Please do not call in by phone or in person to get your result until an announcement has been made on WebCT and/or your University email address that they are available. You will appreciate that staff are extremely busy immediately after the Examination Board as paperwork must be completed before results can be given. Speculative calls can delay results being issued.

Results are not posted on the notice board, but are given in individual letters. Staff are circulated with results.


Once you have seen that the results are available on WeBCT you are welcome to come into the Division to collect your result.

A letter will be posted to you if you do not collect it in person.

The outcomes you can expect

Dissertations are graded as coursework and so the pass mark is 50% with a distinction grade being 70% or over.