What to hand in by the deadline

The secretariat will not accept your dissertation unless you conform to these hand-in requirements. If this causes you to miss the deadline then the late submission penalty will apply.

Please don’t risk having 5% per working day deducted from your grade because your work is late. The lower mark is used to calculated the credit weighted average for the course and can have a real impact on your grade as this is a 60 credit module.

It is your responsibility to submit the following by the deadline:

  • An electronic copy of your dissertation loaded by you into Turnitin on the Protocol and Project WebCT page.
  • 2 copies of your dissertation to be handed in to the secretariat (one for each of the two examiners).
  • An electronic copy of your dissertation clearly marked with your name and dissertation title.
  • An electronic copy of your abstract as it appears in your dissertation with the title of your dissertation and your name at the top of the page(s).

Copies must be comb bound and will not be accepted unless this has been done.

The first page showing through the front cover should have the required information clearly printed (see WebCT for an example of the text that should appear and information needed).

What we are happy to provide:

You are allowed an additional black and white 250 photocopies or printed sheets to cover the costs of producing your dissertation. If you have used this allowance for other purposes then you must meet the costs of printing out and copying your dissertation yourself. Colour print is your responsibility.

The front cover should be either card or transparent, and the back cover should be card. Covers can be supplied by the secretariat on request.

  • Comb binding facilities
  • What we will not provide
  • Printing facilities for the original
  • Colour printing
  • Binding service, although staff will show you want you need to do.