What and when you need to submit

Deadlines vary depending on the course you are following. See your timetable at the beginning of this handbook for further details.

Please use the specific cover sheets provided.

For registered students these are in the Protocol and Project WebCT site, in the forms section.

Once these are all completed, you will need to:

1. Make FOUR copies of your coversheet and your Progress Report. These will be used by the Module Co-ordinators, given to your supervisor and also your co-supervisor and held as a file copy. You need to keep your own copy.
2. Staple a copy of the cover sheet to each copy of your Progress Report
3. Sign in your 4 copies to the Secretariat in the usual way
4. Keep one copy for your own reference

You will not be given written feedback but staff will respond to specific points you ask about and also if they have concerns about what is being planned.