The supervision you can expect

It is the responsibility of each supervisor to supervise adequately and personally all students allocated by carrying out at least the following:

1) supervise and support the development of a protocol, and assess the final version

2) ensure that the subject of the project is suitable and check that before the topic is finally approved and you start the work, the necessary facilities (e.g. special equipment, library resources and computer resources) will be available to you. The supervisor should also help in the selection of a topic which is feasible within the period of supervised study.

3) be accessible to the candidate for discussions and be aware of how the project is progressing, within reason. More frequent consultations are likely to be required at key periods such as the beginning when your project is being designed and during the final stages of writing the dissertation.

4) ensure that the candidate has access to any specialist advice necessary for the completion of the project.

5) submit a final report and grade for your protocol and your conduct as a tutee.