Supervision meetings

It is your responsibility to arrange with your supervisor a mutually agreed series of contacts well in advance, to ensure that dates are in your diaries. You also need to make sure that you give staff adequate time to read and critique your work, rather than presenting it at the meeting for comment.

Be warned - staff will not chase you up if you fail to come to meetings or if you do not make the effort to stay in touch. University staff details can be found readily by using the University staff search facility:

It is advisable to arrange a minimum of about 8 contacts with your overall project supervisor throughout the whole of your study period, in addition to other contacts as advised and with other interested parties.

The period immediately before the submission date is the main summer holiday period and you must check when your supervisor and other staff will be available. The fact that they are on holiday when you feel you need them is not an adequate reason for an extension of the submission date or grounds for extenuating circumstances.