Self-assessment: Masters students only

The final step in accruing your mark for the 10 credit module, A34574, is for you to conduct a self-assessment giving yourself a mark out of 100%. This contributes up to 15% of the final grade, proportional (eg if you award yourself 50% then 7.5% will be added to your mark).

Using the self-assessment form to be found in the Forms section you will consider the process by which you have developed and produced your protocol, project and your dissertation write-up so far. You will be asked to grade yourself on:
  • the extent and quality of input you had into development of your protocol
  • the quality of your conduct of the project and the process of its write-up
  • the quality of the relationship with your supervisor and other support staff
  • your performance at the conference in terms of both the content and conduct of your presentation.
You will need to hand this in with your dissertation on or before the deadline for that piece of work.

You are now ready to move on to consider the write-up of your dissertation.