References and copyright diagrams, tables etc

Show a rigorous approach by avoiding sloppy referencing which suggests to the reader that you have not been thorough. You must acknowledge the source of any “non-text” material which is subject to copyright, such as diagrams, tables or figures.

Using a computerised referencing program can help to overcome some of the problems, but not if you type in inaccurate information.


You can use either the Harvard system or the Numeric system, but not both. If you are still not sure about how to use a reference see information on the Study Skills site:

Use references selectively and for the following reasons.

  • To acknowledge the person whose idea or words you have used or referred to.
  • To indicate that you are not making a claim that the work is your own
  • To enable the reader to find the original sources of the evidence or ideas you are using.
  • To give the reader confidence that you are an expert in the field.