Project Conference

You need to submit evidence of your participation in the conference in the usual way: a copy of your poster, PowerPoint presentation slides or OHP's or a handout. Satisfactory participation and submission of satisfactory evidence of participation accrues up to 10% towards your final mark. 

The project conference is the culmination of a great deal of prior work that has been supported by staff, but is very individual students’ work.

The conference is intended to be a relatively relaxed event in which students completing this year can share their work.


It is anticipated that presentation skills will, as usual, be enjoyably high, and the content of the work presented both varied and interesting. Most people will not yet have completed their projects, and so will need to present what they have achieved to date.


Supervisors, staff and students from other courses are welcome to attend, and so please do invite them. They will be formally invited, with a copy of the programme, nearer the date with details of the programme. If you have a close friend or family member who would like to come, please let the Course Administrator know.


At the conference you will be presenting your project work as a poster or verbally. Download the conference form from the Forms section. This needs to be returned to the Course Secretary by the last teaching day before Easter at the latest. If your form is not in by then you will be allocated a poster presentation slot.


This will be the last teaching day of your course and so it is also a way of getting people together socially to say "goodbye". In previous years overseas students have come in traditional dress, and students have arranged to meet up afterwards in a less formal venue.

Please let staff know if we can help with any extra arrangements you would like to make.