Penalties for missing the deadline

As with other course work, if you submit late, if only by a few minutes, your grade after marking will be penalised by 5% for each working day it was late. This penalised mark is the one that will be calculated into the credit-weighted average for your course outcome. If you achieve the pass mark before the penalty was applied you will be permitted to progress. 

If non-submission is longer than 20 working days you will be deemed to have failed the assessment by virtue of non-submission and a grade of 0% recorded. A resubmission date will be negotiated, at which time your submission will be treated as a second and final attempt.

If the Internal Examiners receive your work late then it may not be marked in time for the Examination Board – the timetable is very tight to ensure that the course can be completed in one year - and so your graduation could be delayed by several months.