Peer review

Peer review is intended to be positive and supportive, picking up issues you may not have thought about and sharing knowledge and experience.

You will be asked to sign up for a small group in which you will present your protocol. It will then be discussed with a group of peers. Staff do not attend these sessions although they are compulsory: confirmation of your participation will be sought.

Each student is expected to speak for 10 minutes, with a further 10 minutes for discussion.

You need to prepare a structured talk using the headings used in the “What is a Protocol?” section.   The minimum content you should cover is:
  • briefly, the general area of interest
  • briefly, why you are interested in that area
  • the aim and objectives you have set
  • the methods you will use, highlighting strengths, problems and issues
You can use OHPs / PowerPoint / handouts if they will help you to get your information across. The floor is then open to other students to ask constructive questions, share experiences and help you refine your thinking about what you are planning - and what will be feasible in practice.

Please note that you will need to check that the AV equipment you need is permanently available in the room, or has been booked and is compatible with the way in which you transfer data. Alternatively, bring a laptop as groups are small and the screen should be adequate without projection.

You accrue 5% towards your final mark for satisfactory participation in peer review.