This describes how you will set about obtaining the information/data by which to meet your objectives, and helps the reader access this information quickly by using subheadings, bullet points etc.

  • Weakness in your understanding of methods - quantitative or qualitative - will show here!
  • Revise your taught sessions, read more or seek help to make sure that you use the correct terminology or models.
  • The test is whether or not the reader could repeat exactly what you plan to do.


  • If the main purpose of your study is to carry out a literature review or strategic review, give the plan of your literature search strategy carefully, identifying search terms and search engines
  • If you are carrying out secondary analysis of a data set, describe how you will get access to it, what variables you will use and what analysis plan you have developed
  • If you will collect original data you will need to sub-divide the information into the following sections, as appropriate:
  • the study population
  • sampling / sample size and justification for it / study subjects
  • data collection instrument(s) such as a self-completion questionnaire or semi-structured interview schedule. Note the reliability or validity of the instrument
  • administration of the instrument, including its delivery and return

If you are using more than one method state each in a separate, numbered