Extenuating circumstances

For forms and more information and examples of the type of evidence needed to support a claim see http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/quality-manual/assessment/pro-guid-ext-cir.htm#unnac

The decision about extenuating circumstances is not within the remit of the Division’s Education Committee or Postgraduate Board and all such requests are guided by the University’s Assessment Committee.


Extended deadline


A request for an extended period in which to write up your dissertation at first or second attempt should only be made in very exceptional circumstances, as work should be ongoing across the whole course and submission should not be delayed by, for example, a short period of illness or annual leave by staff.

If requesting a delay in submission for non-emergency reasons (eg long standing illness with medical evidence to support your claim) it should be received for consideration at least one month in advance of the deadline. Your rights to use University facilities may be suspended until a decision has been made to accept or reject the claim.

You will be informed in writing/email of the outcome of your request. If the request is granted a new deadline will be negotiated with you and University rights restored. If you do not submit by the new date then you will be deemed to have failed the assessment unless further extenuating circumstances are accepted.

You must submit emergency reasons (eg Victim of Crime) as soon as is reasonable and certainly within 7 working days of the hand-in date. Failure to do so without good reason will lead automatically to a mark of zero being recorded.


A summary of examples of reasons that are, and are not, acceptable are shown by clicking this link


Adverse effect on your work


If you consider that extenuating circumstances have adversely affected your performance in the dissertation it is your responsibility to put these forward at the time of submission of the text using the form indicted.


Usually only reasons described above are considered. Again, appropriate evidence is needed together with the appropriate form. Project supervisors are also asked to comment on any extenuating circumstances of which they are aware. The Examination Board will consider this information as confidential.


Please note that you cannot be permitted both further time in which to complete the work in addition to an allowance that your work has been adversely affected.