Essential reading

These are the basic texts and you are expected to read them. We recommend that you buy copies of those that relate to your course or specific project.


There are key texts you should consider buying early on for reference and general guidance: 

  • Bowling A (2009) : Research Methods in Health : Investigating health and health service (Third edition). Open University Press
  • Denscombe M (2007) : The good research guide : for small-scale social research projects (3rd Edition). Open University Press

These are excellent general guides to a range of research methods and the practice of conducting a project. There is no additional essential set reading for this module beyond the material covered in the Research Methods in Epidemiology with Basic Statistics and the Evaluation Techniques modules.

Applied Epidemiology

There is no further essential set reading, but the following recommended text for the course are likely to be useful references.

  • Rothman K J (2002): Epidemiology: an introduction. Oxford University Press
  • Kirkwood and Sterne: Essential Medical Statistics. Second Edition. Blackwell Publishing
  • Hills M and De Stavola B L (2009) A Short Introduction to STATA for Biostatistics updated for STATA 11. Timberlake Consultants Press