Don’t expect everything to go as planned!

Some of you will change your mind about the topic you wish to study or move jobs so that you are no longer able to continue the project. If you have to change your project due to unforeseen problems please let Dr Roberts know so that explicit alternative plans can be made. You may need to apply to the University‟s Teaching Committee for extenuating circumstances to allow your course of study time to be varied. While changing direction is not encouraged because valuable time is lost, there may be good reasons for doing so but you need to discuss their implications and engage in the formal process required.

If circumstances justify a change in your planned write-up as you progress through the course, or there are personal circumstances justifying the request, it is possible to vary your study period and apply for an additional year - or even two years - in which to complete. You need to complete the 'Extenuating Circumstances' form in the Forms section and provide evidence to support your request as for any other piece of coursework.

It is in your own interests to complete on time: experience shows that motivation to complete plummets once contact with other students who are writing-up is lost and attendance is no longer required.