An example of a timetable for Masters to submission of your dissertation

You need to conduct and write-up your protocol and subsequently your project by your deadline, with the support of academic staff and other interested parties.

Given the huge range of types of projects that students may carry out, it is not feasible to lay out a typical timetable for the activities you should expect to do, or the outcomes you should have achieved by when. It will probably depend to a large extent on whether you will be collecting your own data or doing a project which doesn‟t involve data collection such as a systematic review or analysis of an existing dataset.

To give a guide, an example timetable is shown below for a full time student undertaking a project which involves analysing an existing dataset. Your timetable may be quite different but you should equally bear in mind that adequate time is allocated at the end to write your discussion thoughtfully and get from the initial complete draft to the final submission.

Beginning of Semester 2 (Progress Report 2)

By this stage, you should have a draft of your protocol, and this should be finalised and submitted for assessment by the end of March.

From Progress Report 2 to mid April

  • Activity: Initial descriptive and univariate analysis, using skills learned in Semester 1, and literature review
  • Output: Background/ literature review to supervisor

From mid April to early June (Project conference)

  • Activity: Commence multivariate/complex analysis (using skills learned in advanced stats / further methods in epidemiology)
  • Output: poster / presentation at the project conference with initial results

From early June to the end of June 

  • Activity: Complete multivariate analysis, and write methods and results sections
  • Output: First draft of methods and results sections to supervisor

From early July to mid July

  • Activity: consider study findings, implications, weakness and strengths and write the discussion
  • Output: First draft of completed dissertation to supervisor

From mid July to mid August (submission date) 

  • Activity: Improving drafts with support from supervisor
  • Output for Module A34575: Final dissertation of 10,000 words ready for submission and assessment in August of your final year.