Acquire key skills

There are key skills that you will be taught on Tuesdays on this module by library staff and Divisional staff and you are given the opportunity to develop through self-learning packages. Other skills are taught in other modules. You will benefit from these. They make tasks quicker and so make your life easier as you put your dissertation together, and present your project to your peer group and staff. They are transferable skills that will be useful in other parts of the course and when you move on from the University.

To make the most of the skills teaching you will need to make sure that you understand the basics from the taught session or handouts, and then practice independently. Key skills include:

  • Writing a protocol
  • Constructing a literature review and appreciating the difference between that and a systematic review of literature
  • Handling data
  • Presenting numerical data and statistical test results in appropriate ways
  • Searching for, and keeping a record of peer-reviewed good quality literature
  • Using a referencing package to keep accurate, easy to access and use references
  • Using “Table of Contents” to help you organise long documents – it is recommended that from early December when you are presenting your dissertation in the following August you find time to follow the self-learning package found on the CHS main page, going to “Resources” and then “Study Skills” where you will find the material you need
  • Using PowerPoint for presentations and posters
  • Making verbal presentations

These are generic skills, many of which you may use time and time again in your working life.